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Cheeky Line Dancer


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VideoRead Hot SalsaRed Hot Salsa / Dave Sheriff
VideoRioI Don't Know What She Said von Blaine Larsen


Riding Cooks Riding Cooks by Brett Reid
VideoRose GardenRose Garden von Scooter Lee
VideoRiver Of Dreams The River Of Dreams Billy Joel
VideoReggae CowboyGet Into Reggae Cowboy The Bellamy Brothers
VideoRhyme or ReasonIt Happenes von Interpret Sugerland



 Rock Paper ScissorsRock-Paper-Scissors von Katzenjammer
 Ridin'Riding Alone von Rednex
 ReflectionDa Roots (In The Groove Mix) von Mind Reflection
 RockinRockin' Pneumonia vonRonnie McDowell
 Roll In The HayRoll In The Hay by Don Derby
 Raggle Taggle Gypsy ORaggle Taggle Gypsy von Derek Ryan
 Rhumba & RosesWindow Of Roses von Sister Wade
 Rocket to the SunWhat You've Done to Me von Samantha Jade
 Really Love YouI'm Gonna Love You Forever von Scooter Lee